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What Happens in Lessons?

Nicky uses her hands in a gentle and directive way together with verbal instruction in simple everyday movements like sitting and standing, bending, lifting, walking up and down stairs, reading and using a computer and mobile devices. The idea is to assist pupils to release excess muscle tension and encourage the natural reflexes to work again. She teaches pupils to project simple messages that develop poise and ease, so that  you function more efficiently.

Every lesson includes a lying down in the classic Alexander position of semi-supine which provides maximum support for the back. This is sometimes referred to as constructive rest and is designed to help you release muscular tension and enhance your awareness in a quiet and peaceful environment.

In time, you will be able to bring your own power of direction and increased awareness into everything you do and change long lasting habits.

Throughout lessons pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and make The Alexander Technique their own.

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