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Nicolette started learning the Alexander Technique in 1988 because of neck, shoulder and back pain and was amazed at the benefits, not only from physical aches and pains but she also found she was calmer and more able to cope with the pressures of work both mental and emotional. As she learned to let go of old movement patterns the pain diminished and her spirits lightened too.

She trained with Paul Collins in Bristol from January 1989 to December 1991 and she has been teaching full-time giving private lessons and introductory courses to people of all ages and levels of ability since then.

She is a member of the professional associationThe Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique

And adheres to the Society's published Code of Professional Conduct. All members of the Society hold professional indemnity insurance and are subject to Disclosure and Barring Checks

Learn the Alexander Technique for optimum balance, poise, posture and co-ordination in everything you do. Organise yourself with maximum efficiency to optimise performance in your work and everyday life, and in coping with stress and physical problems.

Give yourself a powerful tool for personal development, self-awareness, mindfulness and learning new skills.

Change the habits that contribute towards functional problems such as back pain, muscle tension and stiffness, poor posture and breathing problems.

Discover the freedom to change conditions that stop you reaching your potential and enjoying a happy, healthy life.

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