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Longstanding back problems led me to the Alexander Technique. For decades I had tried most other available physical therapies. Whilst they provided a quick, temporary, fix they didn’t offer a permanent solution to my problems, or any longer term improvements.

Via The Technique I have discovered the reasons for my pain and tension and how to manage it, whilst working towards a resolution. The Technique has helped me to develop an awareness of my unnatural movement patterns (mis-use). Through that awareness I have learnt that I can allow a freer, natural movement of my body with a teacher’s help in lessons, and whilst doing everyday tasks on my own.

The Alexander Technique is a tool for life and offers so much more than physical release and better use. Together with the shedding of unnecessary tension, a freer body allows a freer mind and clearer thinking, which opens the door to a whole new way of being, with endless possibilities.

Nicky is a sensitive, caring Alexander Teacher with many years of experience. She practices what she preaches and provides a safe environment to explore any difficulties you may have or uncover during lessons without judgement."

Linda Trump

In November 2014 I suffered from a slipped disc in my lower back. I spent several weeks more or less in bed, unable to walk and to sit down. Although the orthopaedist told me that it was a question of time for the disc to set back, and that I didn’t need any treatment or physiotherapy, I felt I had to do something (1) to get back to normal everyday activities and (2) to prevent it happening again.

This is when my partner suggested The Alexander Technique and I had the good fortune of getting in touch with Nicky through one of the Professional Associations on the NHS website (

With her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm (not to forget her sense of humour) she guided me through. I lost my fear of it happening again and started using my body in the natural way we are born with but forget as we get older. I still go every few weeks and enjoy every single session.

As melodramatic as it might sound I have told many that “The Alexander Technique” has saved me!

Michelle Giroux

Many people suffer from neck, back, hip or knee problems brought on often by poor posture. The Alexander Technique can and does help. In Nicky Creek I have found a truly professional practitioner who has helped immensely. She is both knowledgeable
and dedicated, giving a caring session at a very reasonable cost and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

Gerry Loughran

I had Alexander lessons with Nicky until she moved to Minehead. Her lessons last a generous hour, and you can expect to be gently taught improved body use as she skilfully lengthens, widens and eases your body into blissfully better posture. I travel down twice a year from Wiltshire to have a lesson with her – I only wish I could come more often."

K. Jordan

Nicky has taught me how to stand, sit and move efficiently and I can honestly say that I feel the benefits when I put this into practice. My posture was poor and I am now able consciously to rectify this should I fall back into my old habits. Now I walk tall!

As an experienced meditator, I thought I knew how to relax my body and mentally connect with each part but, under Nicky’s direction, I wasn’t prepared for the wonderful feeling of letting go and lengthening when I made the loving connection with those areas I had never considered before.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nicky as a first class, enthusiastic teacher of the Alexander Technique."

M. Medina
Chapel Cleeve

I went to see Nicky many years ago for severe pain in my upper back related to a condition of the spine that I’d had for a while. I wasn’t expecting a miracle as I’d seen various other people before her and the pain was quite stubborn, but Nicky gave me the most wonderful Alexander Technique lesson, and it proved to be a turning point. Nicky was very kind and gentle, and I felt that I could trust her completely. By the end of the lesson, the pain was much improved and it gradually subsided completely over the next day. I continued to see Nicky regularly after that, in order to prevent future occurrences.

I really enjoyed my lessons with her – calm, peaceful and very informative, and also quite a lot of fun sometimes. I always came out feeling so much better than when I went in – taller, straighter, more “joined up” and co-ordinated, and with a continually increasing understanding of what the Alexander Technique is about. It’s a testament to the quality of her teaching that, after we moved away and I was no longer able to have regular Alexander lessons, I was able to use my own knowledge of the Alexander Technique to look after myself and manage my condition on my own."

Frances Monte BA(Hons),LCH,DHyp.,CHyp.,MHA,UKHR.,MTNLP

Nicky is a very warm and welcoming lady who has helped me enormously to manage my ongoing low back problem. With her help I have also learnt how to manage small injuries such as sprains and strains.

During our hands on sessions I have felt my body relaxing and responding to my own thoughts. At times when injured, I have come away aware of a real change which I was able to follow up at home.

Nicky is a great teacher, thoughtful and friendly. She has helped me to manage stress and tension.

I am so grateful and pleased I found her at a time when my body was suffering due to stress. During our lessons I have found a much needed oasis where I can rest and find some time for my body which, in turn, is calming for my mind.

The Alexander Technique is a wonderful holistic approach to life and I feel the richer for my lessons with Nicky."

Gill Greenland


I have a history of backache and various other niggles. I have found that the Alexander Technique has enabled me to retrain my mind and body to avoid habitual tensions and, in so doing, have felt much more relaxed and symptom free."

Joan Facey,

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