As you can see from the photographs, for the short time I was able to teach last year, I wore a face mask and visor.  I deep cleaned my teaching room, took everyone's temperature, including my own, and offered you all hand sanitizer and used it myself.  The windows and doors were open.  I have always thoroughly washed my hands before and after each lesson and now of course we are all aware of how important this is.

Since then I have moved house and deep cleaned my new teaching room and everything in it.

I have also researched the various air purifiers available and have concluded that it is better to open as many doors and windows as possible and let the air blow through the house.

I will resume work on Monday 19th April and will see a maximum of 2 pupils per day, Monday to Friday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to allow time for deep cleaning the hall, downstairs loo and teaching room in between each pupil.  I have never had a waiting room as such but now it is not possible for anybody other than my current pupil to be in the building.  This is to avoid you accidentally meeting someone else.

Everything will be sanitized but please allow me to open and close the doors for you.

Before we start work I will wash my hands, take your temperature, offer you hand sanitizer and use it myself.

The room will be thoroughly aired and at least one window will be open at all times.

I am delighted to say that I have had my first vaccination and would encourage you to have yours too when it is offered to you.  It is not however compulsory and the decision is yours to make.

I hope you will find that your lessons will be much the same as before and just as beneficial but, if you have any queries or worries , just give me a call or send an email.

Nicky 12 April 2021